Child Development, the first volume in the Macmillan Psychology Reference Series, is an extensive collection of articles about every facet of child development, ranging from adoption and day care to welfare programs and video games. It focuses on topics that are important for the educated parent, pediatrician, teacher, high school and college student, or anyone else interested in better understanding the how's and why's of a child's development.

The 289 articles are organized in a way that will make the Encyclopedia easily understood and accessible. To do this, we organized the collection by creating four separate types of entries:

• Overviews are articles consisting of 3,000 words that provide an in-depth look at a particular topic in child development such as parenting, social development, or child abuse. These articles introduce the reader to all of the important ideas and concepts within the topic and provide an introduction to some of the issues and controversies important to child development specialists.

• The second type of article is about 1,500 words long and serves as an introduction to important topics in child development. These are a bit less ambitious than the overviews, including brief discussions about day care, home schooling, and friendship.

• Definitions are the third article type. These are 150-word definitions of important terms that should be familiar to anyone interested in child development. Altruism, conservation, and bilingual education are examples of such articles. We created definitions of these terms rather than writing 1,500- or 3,000-word articles because we did not feel it necessary to elaborate on these topics to the same extent.

• Biographies are comprised of 400 words and focus on leading characters in the history of child development. These are the men and women who are best known for the lasting and influential effects of their research and writing.

Finally, the appendix is replete with visually interesting and easily understood tables and charts that include topics such as children in various living arrangements, child poverty, and youth participating in volunteer activities.

Each entry is followed by a bibliography.

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