National Child Abuse and Neglect Data

System (NCANDS), 77 National School Meal Program (NSMP), 286

Natural childbirth, 283 Naturalistic observation, 283-284 Nature-nurture controversy, 182-183, 183

Negative reinforcement (operant conditioning), 237, 345 Neonate, 284

See also Infants Neurons and brain development, 66-67 New Deal programs, 432-433 Newborns crying, 103-104 memory, 257 physical size, 307 tabula rasa, 401 Newman, Katherine, 436 Ngay, Maria, 114

Nicotine and prenatal development, 330-331

Non-rapid eye movement (NREM), 370 Nonorganic failure to thrive, 146 Nurture (nature-nurture controversy),

182-183 Nutrition, 284-286, 285, 319 Nutritional deprivation failure to thrive, 147 menarche, 308 physical growth, 307-308

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