Money from Working

Among the practical rewards of employment, income is the most important matter to youths. Young workers realize that money relates to most things in their daily life and that the relationship between time and money is very significant. When young people earn money through their labor, they learn that working is the right way to use up their time. Moreover, an issue related to money that should not be overlooked is how young people spend their money. In Greenberger and Steinberg's study, the researchers found that half of the senior secondary students spent most of their income on their own needs, such as clothes, accessories, audio entertainment, and social activities. The researchers also found that about 82 percent of the students did not use their incomes for family expenditures. Hence, young workers are free to use their income, and this provides opportunities to learn about: spending money, saving money, per

sonal finance arrangement, and the consequences of expenditures. All these areas help develop the person's character and individuality.

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