Since the 1960s, when President John F. Kennedy spoke of his public support of people with mental retardation, the field of knowledge has expanded. This is due at least in part to people with MR presenting their acquired skills in the areas of education, employment, and athletics. These people have shown that, when provided with the right opportunities, they will rise to the occasion and take advantage of their opportunities.

Society has advanced from institutionalization of persons with MR to independent living in some cases. The expansion of education from segregation to inclusion has benefited many students with MR, as well as their typically developing peers. As technology continues to move forward, more advances will take place within the realm of MR. The more skills learned by people with MR, the more opportunities they will be given. In accordance with the law, and a better understanding of MR, prospects for the future of people with MR look very bright.


Under legislative guidelines, children with disabilities are entitled to an education at public expense, with the added stipulation that the children be in the most contact possible with their nondisabled peers. (AP/ Wide World Photos)

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