Child Abuse

The world in which many children live is punctuated by violent act after violent act. In many situations children become victims of this violence. Some children have been the direct targets of an act of violence, while other children have been indirectly affected through witnessing such acts; it is often difficult to distinguish between these two cases based on outward appearance alone. There are yet other children living in situations just as egregious where violence does not play a significant role. Theirs is merely an existence where their needs are not adequately met, including basic necessities of food and shelter, protection, structure, and supervision. Society labels these children as victims, when in fact they are the truest of survivors. What greater challenge can there be than having caretakers who cannot be trusted to provide adequate care? The common denominator of maltreatment is that those responsible for the child's well-being are either unable or unwilling to care for the child properly. Intervention from others is warranted to ensure that the needs and welfare of the child are fully considered.

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