No book is ever the product of just editors and contributors. Child Development is the result of the hard work put forth by several people. First, we would like to thank Elly Dickason, Publisher, and Jill Lectka, Associate Publisher, at Macmillan for the opportunity to undertake this project. Jill was especially helpful in organizing the team that produced this volume. Second, Shawn Beall was the project manager, and it was because of her flawless organization skills, good nature, and record keeping that we managed to track 289 different articles by almost as many authors. On a daily basis, Shawn was there to answer questions, remind authors of article due dates, and respond to queries about format. We would also like to thank imaging coordinator Dean Dauphinais, permissions associate Julie Juengling, and senior art directors Tracey Rowens and Cindy Baldwin for the page and cover design. Additional thanks goes to managing editor Betz Des Chenes for the time and effort she contributed to writing captions and "putting out fires."

And finally, to our contributors we want to express our heartfelt thanks. The quality and tone of the writing is excellent, especially given the audience to which this volume is addressed. With authors such as these writing about, caring about, and working with children and their families, there is hope for the future and the role that children will play in building a better world.

Neil J. Salkind Lewis Margolis August, 2001

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