Similarity Of Angiogenesis In Wound Healing And Cancer

Wound healing is a normal process we are all familiar with, and the factors that stimulate angiogenesis in wound healing and cancer are the same.23 Indeed, the surgical wounding of tissues next to implanted tumors has been reported to increase tumor growth and angio-genesis in mice.24 In addition, wound fluid itself stimulates tumor angiogenesis as well as cell proliferation in vivo.23 Angiogenesis during wound healing and angio-genesis during cancer are so similar that some researchers have described cancer as a "wound that will not heal." 2526 Not surprisingly, one study observed that when tumor cells were implanted into injured tissue in rodents, normal wound healing was inhibited, and an open, persistent wound developed that continued to form blood vessels.23 The primary difference between tumor angiogenesis and wound angiogenesis is that the former is driven by abnormal signals and continues unabated, whereas the latter is driven by normal fluctuations in signals and terminates when it is no longer needed in the healing process.

10 Ways To Fight Off Cancer

10 Ways To Fight Off Cancer

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