real time symptom monitoring of cancer survivors, 96-98 benefit from routine assessment of HRQL, 96 barriers to the integration of HRQL data, 96 data collection, 97-98 research, practice, and policy of cancer survivorship challenges for cancer survivorship, 488 comprehensive models or conceptualizations of factors biopsychosocial model of cancer survivorship, 489 dynamic interplay among multiple factors, 490

education and training on the complexities of cancer survivorship, 486-87 evidence-based answers to questions, 484 evidence based case definition of survivorship, 484

health surveillance, 485 IOM's perspective general public's perception of public health needs, 493 IOM recommendations, 491 need for systematic research on risk factors, 485-86

stakeholders in cancer survivorship, 490-91

need to focus on all stages of cancer survivorship, 486 systematic public health approach, 484 return to work schedule of cancer survivors disease-and treatment-related factors disease stage, 384 importance of work, 382 interventions to improve return to work, 388-89

outcome of interventions, 390-91 employment status dependent on social security policies, 391 shorter time to return to work, 391 pathways that influence, 391-92

better treatment of cancer-related symptoms,

improve current return to work strategies,

less invasive treatment and less side effects, 391

looking for other prognostic factors, 391 rehabilitation principles, 392 person-related factors, 384-85

sociodemographic characteristics, 384 physicians guidance and support, 389-390 adapting the environment, 389 better treatment, 389 person-related factors, 389 sickness absence, 389 studies on occupational rehabilitation of cancer patients, 382 legal and insurance issues, 383 work-related factors, 383-84

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