Pediatric Solid Tumor Survivors

In one study of 220 survivors, participants completed the EORTC QLQ-C30 and the Ferrans and Powers Quality of Life Index for Cancer.4 Back pain was reported by patients with osteosarcoma who had undergone amputation of an extremity and Wilms tumor patients who had received abdominal radiation therapy. Multiple models to predict quality of life showed that pain (p = -0.10 to -0.13, p < 0.01); dyspnea

(P = -0.22 to -0.29; p < 0.01), and measures of toxicity had a negative effect on both measures of quality of life.5

Back Pain Revealed

Back Pain Revealed

Tired Having Back Pains All The Time, But You Choose To Ignore It? Every year millions of people see their lives and favorite activities limited by back pain. They forego activities they once loved because of it and in some cases may not even be able to perform their job as well as they once could due to back pain.

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