Integrating Trait And Socialcognitive Perspectives On Wellbeing

Having identified a variety of variables—trait, cognitive, behavioral, and social— that have each been linked to SWB, it is important to consider whether they may be brought together under the umbrella of a common conceptual framework. Such a framework might offer several benefits. For instance, rather than viewing them as entirely orthogonal sources of SWB, an integrative framework may suggest processes by which these variables function together to promote and restore well-being. It might also point to useful strategies for primary and secondary prevention efforts. This section describes one such framework, consisting of two interrelated models. One model emphasizes processes that promote well-being under normative life conditions; the other highlights coping mechanisms used to restore well-being when it has been disrupted by adverse life events.4 Given the focus of this book on the cancer survival process, more consideration will be devoted to the restorative than to the normative SWB model.

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