delivery of smoking interventions in health care settings guidelines for provision and coordination of care for cancer survivors, 314 long-term follow-up visits and ongoing cancer surveillance, 314—15 stepped-care approaches, 313 stepped-care model, 313-14 depression in cancer survivors assessment techniques, 175 self-report measures, 175 structured clinical interviews, 175-76 consequences of depression, 183-84 pretransplant depression, 183-84 correlates of depression in longer term survivors cancer diagnosis and depression, 180-81 prior history of depression, 181-82 relationship between coping style and distress, 182-83 depression, definition of, 174 depression after cancer treatment, 179-80 depression at time of diagnosis of cancer, 176-78

clinical interviews and surveys, 176-77 patient self-report questionnaires, 177 prevalence rates, 177 depression during treatment, studies of, 178-79 diagnosis of, 174-75 future research, 185

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