Why you need weight training to lose fat permanently

The focal point of the BFFM fat-burning system is nutrition. In fact, BFFM might be the most comprehensive nutrition system for fat loss ever developed. Although eighty percent of this program is about nutrition, that is only one component in a four part strategy, including: 1) goal setting and motivation, (2) nutrition, (3) aerobic training and (4) weight training. All four components are essential; neglecting any component is going to compromise your results.

No one really knows what percentage nutrition actually contributes to your results as compared to training - your guess is as good as mine. But one thing is for sure: To go on a diet without a complete exercise program including weights, cardio and a crystal clear goal is not only ineffective, it's a prescription for disaster. When you go on a calorie restricted diet and you don't do any weight training, you will almost always lose lean body mass. Weight training is the only way to keep your muscle while you're dieting for fat loss.

Muscle Gaining Revealed

Muscle Gaining Revealed

You’ll learn how to use many different tactics for building those tiny muscles into rippling, huge, strong muscles that will not only impress the ladies heck, it will impress you. Don’t fall for those over the counter powders that you’re supposed to mix into your food, like muscles are going to magically appear overnight. Come on now, let’s get real ok. I’m going to show you the exact processes I used to gain my rippling muscles and then you can follow my system.

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