Why you might resist the five or six meals a day idea and why you must Get Over It if you want to be the proud owner of a lean fatfree body

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You probably know at least one person who violates this meal frequency rule, maybe a friend who eats no breakfast and two gigantic meals like a pizza for lunch and a Big Mac and French Fries for dinner. Despite these two gluttonous feedings, they never get fat and they look like they're in excellent shape. After seeing such annoying displays of genetic advantage, you might say to yourself that this meal frequency business is a bunch of nonsense.

However, I must caution you; if you refuse to accept the habit of eating small frequent meals, you may see some results, but you'll never reach your maximum potential. If your metabolism and genetic disposition are geared towards gaining fat easily, you can't afford to mess around with three meals a day. And you definitely can't skip meals - EVER! Pay no attention to your mesomorph friends and just do what it takes for you.

The reason most beginners have a hard time accepting the five or six meals concept is because what I'm suggesting, in many cases, is that some people actually eat MORE FOOD than they've ever eaten before; the food is simply spread out into smaller portions. This idea might sound contrary to everything you've ever heard about losing weight. I even said so myself in our previous talk about calories; you have to eat less than you burn in order to lose weight, right?

True, calories count. But the amazing thing about eating frequently is that IT MAKES YOU BURN MORE CALORIES! Five or six meals a day accelerates your body's natural rate of calorie burning.

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