Why some people get off to a slow start

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Most people see results immediately just by cleaning up their diets and starting a consistent exercise program. Others have a more difficult time getting up to "takeoff speed." Like the airplane that uses nearly half its fuel just to get off the ground, overcoming inertia and gaining momentum are not easy.

Part of this is psychological, part is physiological. Psychologically, if you're off to a slow start, you just haven't given yourself enough time to develop habits. Habits are necessary to get you into "auto pilot mode," therefore, you could be unconsciously making poor food choices or missing workouts by sheer force of old negative habit patterns. Reviewing chapter one and following the instructions to a "T" will help you overcome the old conditioning. Keep at it!

Physiologically, you may be suffering from a slow metabolism, especially if you've gone on and off crash diets for years or you haven't developed any muscle through weight training. A slow metabolism can speed up, but it takes time. If your metabolic rate has slowed down as a result of past habits, be patient; it will gradually increase in time by following the nutrition and training guidelines in this manual.

Also keep in mind that fit people burn body fat more easily than unfit (and fat) people. The higher your starting level of cardio respiratory fitness (as measured in oxygen consumption, also known as VO2 max), the more fat you'll burn at rest (and during exercise). Also, the leaner you are to begin with, the more calories you'll burn at rest and during exercise. If you're out of shape and carrying a lot of body fat, it's going to take time to develop momentum.

These facts of physiology can be discouraging because it's kind of like the rich getting richer and the poor staying poor. As with building wealth, you must make consistent, gradual investments in your body. Eventually, as your lean body mass increases from weight training, your metabolic rate will increase and multiply its efficiency like compounding interest in your bank account. Be patient; you're about as likely to get "ripped" overnight as you are to become a millionaire overnight. Never give up if you get off to a slow start!

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