What types of exercises are considered aerobic

When I say "aerobics" I'm not talking about dance music, fancy choreography and jumping up and down in the latest trendy classes. By definition, aerobic means "with oxygen." For fat to be burned, oxygen must be used. For oxygen to be used, the activity must be sustained for a prolonged period. If an activity is intermittent in nature it's not aerobic - it's anaerobic or sugar burning.

For the purposes of this program, "aerobics" is any cardiovascular activity that's rhythmical in nature, involves large muscle groups (namely your legs), and, here's the kicker - can be sustained continuously for long periods of time (at least 20 - 30 minutes and up to as much as 60 minutes). Walking, jogging, bicycling, stair climbing, rowing, cross-country skiing and elliptical exercise all fit the bill perfectly.

Some people prefer to call it "cardio" instead of "aerobics," but whatever you call it, you have to do it if you want to burn the fat.

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