The roll of the genetic dice

There's no question about it; some people have the genetic card deck stacked against them, while others were dealt a "royal flush." You can't deny that it's much easier for some people to lose body fat and develop muscle than it is for others. Nor should you deny it. An intelligent person will realistically assess their body type to the best of their ability and then adjust their goal time frame and training protocol accordingly. To do otherwise would be counterproductive; it would also be denial.

The best approach is "realistic optimism." Not everyone has the biological raw material to become a Mr. Universe or a fitness model. Nor does everyone have the physical gifts to become an Olympic sprinter, a marathon runner, or world-class swimmer. However, absolutely everyone can improve their physiques from where they are today. One of your primary goals should be to achieve your own personal best, while avoiding comparisons to others who may have totally different genetics than you.

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Natural Weight Loss

Natural Weight Loss

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