The Reason Why No Supplement Could Ever Have Drug Like or Steroid Like Effects

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You should always be skeptical about any drug-like claims that are made for over-the-counter supplements. Whenever a supplement company releases a new product, The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has their eyes on it with a magnifying glass. So does the pharmaceutical industry. If any "natural" or "herbal" product really had a major effect on the body, the FDA would swoop down on it like a hawk and investigate immediately.

If it panned out and really did have drug-like effects, it would be pulled off the shelves in a heartbeat!

Here's an example: A supplement called Triax was released a few years ago. Man, did this stuff ever work! It worked a little bit too well! People were shedding pounds and sweating bullets on this product. Made the FDA go "hmmmmm." So the FDA scrutinized it closely, and it turns out that Triax contains Tiratricol, which is really not a "supplement" at all but actually a thyroid drug! Triax immediately got yanked.

Also keep in mind that the powerful multi billion-dollar pharmaceutical industry would LOVE to find a product being sold over the counter that really had drug-like effects, and lobby to have it classified as a drug. Why? So they could quadruple the price and sell it by prescription only (with some fancy new drug-like name, of course).

Most people won't listen to me and they'll keep on buying "steroid-like" supplements and "drug-like" fat burners, but if you'll heed my advice, you could save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on products that could never possibly help you burn fat or build muscle.

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