The most important lesson you will ever learn about dieting to lose body fat

Whenever you want to master a new subject or learn a new skill, the first thing you MUST learn is the basics. If you have a shaky foundation, then nothing else you do will matter - your castle will crumble. As Emerson wrote in his essays, "The height of the pinnacle is determined by the breadth of the base."

The most important lesson you can ever learn about nutrition and fat loss is to master the fundamentals first. The great motivational speaker and writer Jim Rohn once said, "You should always be suspicious of someone who says they've discovered a new fundamental. That's like someone saying they're opening a factory to manufacture antiques."

The problem with most people is they are always looking for the newest, latest, greatest craze, but they are overlooking the fundamentals. Why? Because fundamentals are boring. Fundamentals are basic. Fundamentals aren't glamorous. Fundamentals aren't marketable. Fundamentals are also responsible for 80% of your results! It doesn't make any sense to try and squeeze out the last 20% when you haven't even captured the first 80%. But that's exactly what most people are doing - looking for the secret ratios or diet plan, all the while missing the simple and obvious factors that will make the biggest impact on their physiques.

Losing Weight Without Starving

Losing Weight Without Starving

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