The Effect of Water Weight on LBM Measurements

When using this formula, you must make some consideration for water weight. Since your body is 70% water, make an allowance of 2-4% for water weight. The higher your total body weight and the greater the amount of fat you have to lose, the more water weight you will lose

It is very common to see weight losses of three to five pounds in the first week when you start a new nutrition and exercise program. Because water is part of the lean body mass number, water losses are going to show up in your LBM calculations during the first week or two. This will make it look like you have lost muscle, but don't panic if you see small drops in LBM - it's only water weight.

After the first week or two, weight loss should stabilize to two pounds per week or less and further decreases in lean body mass should be minimal. Remember that it's difficult - if not impossible - to lose more than two pounds of fat per week. If you lose more than two pounds, some of it is water and or muscle. Small decreases in LBM are almost unavoidable and are not a cause for concern. If you see a repeated pattern of large drops in LBM, then you are losing muscle and you should take immediate corrective action to prevent further losses.

Now that you know how to measure body fat and calculate lean body mass, you're ready for chapter four which will teach you how to use your weekly weight and body composition results to chart your progress. You'll also learn precisely what to do if: 1) you lose lean body mass, 2) you gain body fat, c) you lose fat for a while, then get stuck at a plateau or, d) nothing happens at all - you don't lose or gain anything.

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