The BFFM weight training programs

BFFM offers not one, but four separate programs, one for every level from beginner to advanced. Each program is simply a basic framework within which you can change exercises, sets, reps, tempos and every other training variable to provide all the variety you want and need.

Why four programs and not one? Well, as you learned in chapter five, individualization to accommodate your body type and genetics is just as important for training as it is for nutrition. No single program could possibly be ideal for everyone - be cautious when you read books or programs that recommend the same thing for everyone.

It's important to understand that these routines (especially the advanced programs), were designed with one thing in mind: cosmetic improvement. The BFFM program is first and foremost for improving your body composition and the way you look. These workouts are designed to help you lose fat, gain muscle, and sculpt your body into a specimen of magnificent proportions. These are not sports specific programs nor are they strength or powerlifting routines. You will get stronger, but you will primarily improve your physique and secondarily increase your strength.

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