Reduce your total fat intake in general

Keep in mind that every fat or oil gets 100% of its calories from fat. Olive oil for example, is more healthful than partially hydrogenated oil, but one tablespoon still derives 100% of its calories from fat. Regardless of whether an oil or fat is healthy or not, it's still high in calories. A tablespoon of any oil will set you back about 130 calories and 14 grams of fat.

Therefore, you should try to reduce the amount of fats and oils you consume in general if fat loss is your goal. Otherwise, you are much more likely to exceed your daily calorie limits. If you eat macadamia nuts, walnut, cashews or peanuts as your favorite snack every time you watch TV, you could be hundreds - even thousands of calories over your optimal fat burning level! Nuts contain good fats, but watch those calories!

There are now many lower-calorie substitutes for conventional fats such as Butter Buds, Molly Mc Butter, "low calorie butter flavored sprays", fat-free butter spreads, cooking spray, fat-free dressings, and so on. These can add some flavor to your food without overdoing the calories. Using cooking spray is much better than throwing oil in your fry pan because it would take a 15 second spray to equal 1 tablespoon of oil

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