Read your affirmations your goal list at least twice a day and always keep your goals in front of you and on your mind

Psychologists have proven that repetition is an effective way to penetrate and program the subconscious mind. Fortune 500 companies spend millions of advertising dollars every year based on this fact. Why is it that people reach for Coke, Pepsi, Budweiser, Marlboro, Crest, Palmolive and other brand name items? It's because the repetition of the advertising has penetrated their subconscious minds and moved them to action.

You can use the power of repetition to influence your own subconscious and move yourself into action. Once your affirmations are written out, read your list at least twice per day, once in the morning and once at night. Read them more often if you can. If you want to amplify the effect of the affirmation technique even more, don't just read your affirmations; write them out by hand every single day.

Once you've set all your goals and written your affirmations, use the power of repetition even more by literally "keeping your goals in front of you" all day long. Post your goal statements in a conspicuous place such as your refrigerator, your bathroom mirror or in your daily appointment book. Keep a goal card of your 90-day goal in your pocket. Paste them onto the dashboard of your car. Stick them on the top of your computer monitor so you have to look at them all day long.

You may have been exposed to this affirmation technique before and shrugged it off as "corny." If so, let me ask you this: Did you really give it an honest trial? Did you put 100% effort into it and put it to the test for at least 21 days in a row? If not, then you're denying yourself the chance of achieving everything you ever dreamed of. Don't let the simplicity of the affirmation technique fool you. Be open and don't judge it.

Affirmations are far more powerful than you can imagine, but they can't work when you just "try" them once or twice. They won't work even if you do them for a few days. They won't work if you say them and then cancel them out with negative affirmations like "this is stupid!" They only work when you continue to repeat them with faith, emotion and belief over and over again so many times that they completely replace your old, negative internal dialogue. Your affirmations must become the new "tape" that runs over and over in your mind every day. When you reach the point where your affirmations become your new habitual way of thinking, the results will astound you and what you have been imagining will begin to materialize in your life.

The Marketers Success Affirmation

The Marketers Success Affirmation

Learning How To Be An Internet Idol And Using Affirmations Can Have Amazing Benefits For Your Life And Success! Utilizing affirmations and some tools is a way to restrict criticism of yourself and other people. Affirmations help you in training your brain to be more about final results and to a lesser extent about quibbling. How we talk to ourselves really does regulate the type of energy we vibrate and what that draws into our life experiences.

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