Other Methods

There are many other methods used to measure body fat, including total body potassium, total body electrical conductivity, isotopic dilution, urinary creatine excretion, total body calcium, total body nitrogen, total plasma creatinine, computerized tomography, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), ultrasound, neutron activation analysis, and dual photon absorpitometry. While some of these hi-tech methods may be incredibly accurate and useful in the laboratory, none of these methods are practical for your own personal use on a fat loss program.

If you really wanted the ultimate measure of body composition, it would be "direct measurement"; that is, physically measuring your fat level by dissection. Of course, you have to be a cadaver to have your fat measured this way, so it's not too practical. The reason I mention this is not to make a joke, but to point out that all body fat testing methods are merely estimations, not direct measurements.

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