My amazing discovery from over 14 years of experimentation and research

It wasn't until the late nineties that I really began to reach my best physical condition, winning multiple overall bodybuilding titles and looking my absolute best ever. For years, I had experimented with every nutrient ratio imaginable and finally stumbled onto a formula that worked beautifully. I gained more muscle in the off-season, lost more fat in the contest season (as low as 3.4%) and stayed leaner all year round, maintaining a 7-9% body fat percentage without much difficulty. I also moved up a full weight class. My energy was better. I was leaner. I was stronger.

What was this adjustment? Believe it or not, I ate more fat! I dropped the carbohydrates by 5-10% and added in 5-10% fat from "healthy fat" sources such as flax oil, natural peanut butter, fatty fish like Salmon and olive oil. I even allowed myself one or two egg yolks a day and some lean red meat. In the next chapter, you'll learn more about the reasons why small amounts of "good fats" are so important.

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Five Foods That Build Muscle

Five Foods That Build Muscle

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