Methods of getting feedback

Pilots and ship captains use compasses, gyroscopes, accelerometers, radar, radio beacons and geographical and astronomical landmarks as their methods of feedback. Your optimal method of measuring progress is body composition testing. However, the more ways you have of measuring your results, the better.

10 ways to measure your progress

1) Body fat percentage

2) Skinfold thickness

3) Total body weight

5) Fat weight

6) How you look in the mirror

7) Photographs

8) Measurements

9) Clothing sizes & the way clothes fit

10) Other people's opinions

Methods such as the mirror and photographs are useful, but they're also subject to the limitations of your own self-perceptions. Other people's opinions are useful if the feedback is honest, but they can also steer you in the wrong direction if they're just being nice to avoid hurting your feelings. All these methods have value, so use them. However, the best measurements of your progress must be objective measurements such as body fat percentage. The skinfold calipers and scale don't lie.

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Body Fat Inferno

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