Mesomorph training and nutrition strategy

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There's not much to say about mesomorph training and nutrition. The ironic thing about mesomorphs is that for many of them it doesn't matter what they eat or how they train, they lose body fat and gain muscle anyway!

Yes, we genetically average people envy (hate?) the mesomorphs, but they do have their downfall: They often have the tendency to coast on their genetics. Because they get results so easily, they often don't even train hard. As a result, many of them never realize their full potential. The gift of good genetics sometimes makes a person lazy. Often, the less genetically blessed a person is, the more discipline, willpower and determination they develop, and it's this desire and drive that propels them to high levels of physical achievement. Their weakness actually becomes their strength. Of course, a mesomorph with clear goals and a superior work ethic will always shoot to the top and quickly become a superstar. Here are two tips for the mesomorph to live by:

Don't "coast" on your genetics just because you can

Because mesomorphs are so genetically gifted, they often have the tendency to cheat and skip workouts because they can get away with it and still look good. But just imagine what they would look like if they applied themselves 100%. If you recognize that you are genetically gifted in any sense, then make the most of your gifts - train and eat to the best of your ability and you could become one of the best in the world in bodybuilding, fitness or athletics. Even if you're not a competitor, why shouldn't you actualize your full potential and be the best you can possibly be?

Pay attention to food quality

Like the ectomorph, those with mesomorph tendencies quickly discover that they can also "get away with" eating certain foods without ill effects on body composition, so they often do exactly that - eat anything and everything. Again, keep in mind that nutrition is not just about cosmetic improvements; it's about your health. "Pigging out" just because you can get away with it is not a wise practice. In the best-case scenario, it will limit your development. In the worst scenario, it could compromise your health in the long run.

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