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Many weight loss programs start you on the strictest version of their diet possible, allowing you to gradually "loosen it up" as you get closer to your goal. I suspect the reason for such crash "quick start" programs is because they don't want you to get discouraged with slow fat loss in the beginning. They want to encourage quick weight loss right from the start so their program appears effective, regardless of what happens in the long run. However, if permanent fat loss is your goal, then it makes no sense to attempt going on the strictest, most advanced and most difficult nutrition regimen (such as a low carbohydrate bodybuilding contest diet), until you already have a "clean" diet and you understand all the nutrition fundamentals.

The low carbohydrate, high protein diet is an "advanced" technique. Before moving into "advanced fat loss strategies," you should be training consistently and you should have mastered the baseline diet (which I also refer to as "PHASE I" of the BFFM program). It's pointless to try to use these advanced carbohydrate-manipulation strategies unless you've mastered the eight fundamentals of the baseline diet:

1. Eating fewer calories than you burn

2. Properly balancing your macronutrient ratios

3. Eating five or six meals per day, properly timed

4. Eating lean proteins with every meal

5. Eating the right types of carbohydrates and avoiding refined sugars

6. Eating low fat and choosing the right types of fat

7. Drinking plenty of water

8. Eating natural, unrefined foods

Have you mastered all these fundamentals yet? If not, the advanced information in this chapter will do you little good. Get back to the basics first. When you've mastered all the fundamentals and you're stuck in a rut or when you're already lean and want to get even leaner, then using the techniques in this chapter will help you get there.

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