Make no excuses you are in control

Making excuses is relinquishing control. It's conceding that you' are at the mercy of circumstances instead of being the creator of your circumstances. You must avoid blaming and take responsibility for your results and your life. Take action! Start working out. Eat better. Do something - do anything - but don't just sit there on the couch and curse your parents for passing you the wrong chromosomes.

It's no surprise that so many people put the blame outside themselves because so many psychologists, dietitians and physicians argue that your weight is determined completely by genetics and if you're fat, "it's not your fault." Please don't accept this. Genetics are only one factor. Believing that you're destined to be overweight for life because you've inherited "fat genes" is the most self-defeating attitude you could ever adopt.

No one ever said life was fair. In fitness as in other areas of life, there will always be people above you and below you. If you were not blessed with a fast metabolism, you have two choices on how to view your situation; you can either sit around cursing and complaining, or you can get moving and make the best of what you have; you can choose to become the best that YOU can be.

So called "limitations" that force you to learn more about exercise, to eat nutritious foods, to adopt a healthier lifestyle, to develop a strong work ethic and to become a more persistent person can be a blessing in disguise. You'll find that when you finally work your way to your goals, you'll have become a much stronger person than you ever thought you could be. When someone has it easy, they don't develop the qualities of persistence and determination. They often become "coasters." There are a lot of "natural born athletes" and bodybuilders that "coast" on their genetics. Instead of making them stronger people, being genetically blessed has made them lazier people who never fulfill 100% of their potential. Don't envy them.

Before you get mad at your mesomorph friends who can eat whatever they want and never gain an ounce of fat, remember: The more difficult the challenges, the stronger you will become when you overcome them. And as Richard Bach wrote in Illusions, "If you don't have problems, you will never be the person who overcame them."

Every adversity carries with it the seed of a greater or equivalent benefit. The seed of greater benefit to the genetically disadvantaged is the inner strength that is gained by having to work harder to reach a goal. I'm not impressed with someone who shoots to the top easily. I'm more impressed by someone who gets knocked down over and over and keeps getting back up. I'm impressed with the person who overcomes; the person who has a difficult time achieving a goal - and achieves it anyway. Arnold Schwarzenegger put it this way; "Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strength. When you overcome hardships, that is strength."

Understanding your body type doesn't mean throwing in the towel if you're an extreme endomorph. It doesn't mean, "I'm genetically inferior so I won't even bother trying in the first place." Be realistic about your body type and accept the role it plays in changing your body. Don't get discouraged if you feel you don't have Olympian genetics. You can overcome nearly any obstacle if you are willing to work hard enough. No matter what your genetic endowment is, you can totally transform yourself with hard work, dedication, persistence and a positive attitude.

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100 Weight Loss Tips

100 Weight Loss Tips

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