Increase frequency of aerobic exercise

If you're already doing long aerobic workouts, continuing to increase your duration beyond 45-60 minutes may be counterproductive and very exhausting physically. At this point, one option is to increase your frequency. You should always start with a minimum of three days per week of aerobic exercise. To break a plateau or increase the rate of fat loss, incrementally add one day per week until you reach six or seven days per week. Some people believe that aerobics seven days per week is excessive. When maintained for months on end, this is probably true. But as a method of breaking through a plateau, a period ranging from one to twelve weeks of daily cardio can work wonders for getting you lean. Most bodybuilders and fitness competitors do cardio seven days a week for three months prior to competition. When the competition is over, most return to a moderate level of three to four days per week.

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