How to weigh yourself the right way

Your body weight alone can be misleading. Used in conjunction with skinfold testing to measure pounds of fat and pounds of muscle, it provides you with crucial information.

To get the most consistent weigh-in, always weigh yourself under the same conditions. Call this your "official weekly weigh-in day." Use the same scale on the same day at the same time of day wearing the same amount of clothes. If you weigh yourself with shoes, then weigh yourself with shoes on every time. If you weigh yourself naked, weigh yourself naked every time. Remember, your LBM and fat weight amounts will only be correct if your weigh-in is correct.

Weighing yourself every day is unnecessary. First of all, you won't see significant changes in body fat on a day-to-day basis. Second, your body weight can fluctuate greatly on a day-to-day basis due to your water balance and this can be discouraging. Daily fluctuations can range anywhere from two to five pounds or more just based on water weight. You will see a statistically significant difference every seven days, so weighing yourself once a week is ideal.

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