How to use performance feedback to lose body fat

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I tell you this story because it's the perfect analogy for fat loss. The process of losing body fat is a lot like the takeoff and flight of an airplane. Some people take a long time to "get off the ground." Instead of being patient and waiting out the storm, they quit before they even get to takeoff speed. Others get off the ground, but as soon as they hit any turbulence, they quit and "land the plane." Some people even manage to start coasting comfortably towards their destination, making substantial progress. But the minute they find themselves off course, they too join the quitters instead of simply adjusting their direction.

Each of these people made the fatal mistake of interpreting their results as failure. Because they believed they had failed, they gave up. Can you imagine if a pilot "quit" every time there was a delay, turbulence, or a slight deviation in the plane's course? No one would ever get anywhere! The key to your success in losing body fat starts with a mental re-frame:

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