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In the appendix, you'll find a copy of your weekly progress chart. Feel free to make additional copies for your personal use, or simply create your own chart using a spreadsheet such as Microsoft Excel.

Your progress chart has columns for the date, body fat percentage, total weight, lean body mass, fat weight, and the weekly change in each. If you're using skinfolds as your testing method, you can also include columns to keep track of your skinfold measurements (in millimeters). That will give you information on where you store most of your fat and where you are losing the most and least amount of fat. Seeing the previous skinfolds also helps the tester improve the accuracy of each test. Which skinfold sites you use depends on which body fat formula is used. The most common sites are bicep, tricep, iliac, upper back (subscapular), thigh, abdominal (usually just three or four of these). If you're using an Accu-measure caliper, then you only have to record one skinfold on your chart - the iliac crest (hip bone) - and you can disregard the columns for the other skinfolds.

When you begin your program, weigh yourself and have your body fat measured. Then fill in the first row on your chart including the date, your starting bodyweight, body fat percentage, and lean mass.

Every week, measure your body fat, weigh yourself, and record the results on your chart. Using the lean body mass calculation you learned in chapter three, figure out how many pounds of fat and lean body mass you have. Then record the results on your chart and calculate the change in each. Based on this information, you can decide whether to continue doing the same things you did the previous week or do something different.

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