How food manufacturers are getting away with murder by lying to you on nutrition labels and how you can determine how much fat is really in your food using the Fat Formula

Hiding or failing to mention trans fats isn't the only dirty trick food manufacturers are using. Many foods being marketed as "low fat" are actually very high in fat when you analyze the percentage of calories from fat. Food companies frequently try to pull the wool over your eyes and fool you into eating high fat foods by listing the percentage of fat by weight or volume. Another deceptive trick is making serving sizes extremely small, which makes a food appear as if it were low in fat.

By reading nutrition labels and using the following formula, you can calculate what percentage of the calories in a food come from fat or even how much of your total daily diet is derived from fat.

Read the "Nutrition Facts" panel on the food label. Make it a regular habit. Look up the number of total calories and the number of grams from fat. Then multiply the number of grams of fat in a food item by 9 to find the number of fat calories. (There are 9 calories in a gram of fat). Then divide that number by the total number of calories in the food to find the percentage of calories from fat in that food.

Example 1:

Low fat 2% milk, 1 cup 120 calories, 8g protein, 11g carbs, 5g fat. 5 grams of fat X 9 = 45 calories from fat 45 divided by 120 total calories = 37.5% fat

Example 2: "Low fat" ham, 1 slice 20 calories, 1g fat.

1 gram of fat X 9 = 9 calories from fat 9 divided by 20 total calories = 45% fat



Example 3:

"Low fat" 92% lean ground beef, 3 oz

120 calories, 6g fat. FAT % LISTED BY WEIGHT!

6 gram of fat X 9 = 54 calories from fat

54 fat calories divided by 120 total calories = 45% fat

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