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The 60-30-10 nutrient ratio is the program I originally used when I first started bodybuilding. When I began training and competing it was the late eighties and early nineties, right in the middle of the fat phobia era. I ate high complex carbohydrates and low fats simply because it was in vogue and widely accepted. All the experts recommended it: 60-30-10 (or close to it) was recommended in Keith Klein's "Get Lean" system, Cliff Sheat's "Lean Bodies" and Larry North's "Living Lean" Program. Professional bodybuilders like Lee Labrada and bodybuilding nutritionists such as Chris Aceto and John Parillo also endorsed it.

So I conformed and did what every one else was doing, AND IT WORKED! 6030-10 was effective and I felt great. I later discovered that one small adjustment improved my results even further - and quite dramatically.

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100 Bodybuilding Tips

100 Bodybuilding Tips

Bodybuilding requires commitment. It is a totally different lifestyle that entails letting go of old habits and adopting new ones. You cannot go into bodybuilding and be half- hearted about it. It is a test of strength, self-discipline and willpower. Start only when you are sure you can commit time, effort and energy. Learn tips like this one and 99 more.

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