Grading your food choices

Food quality doesn't fall neatly into two categories: "good" or "bad." Rather, food quality ranges from very poor, to poor, to fair, to good to excellent. It's a scale or spectrum - the same way temperature and color are spectrums. At what temperature does hot become cold? Where does black become white? Black and white are simply two ends of a spectrum. It's the same with food choices. Food quality can range from highly processed with zero nutritional value on the low end (an "F" grade) to all-natural with high nutritional value on the high end (an "A+" grade).

Your goal is to make the best choice possible from the foods available to you in any given circumstance. You may not always be able to eat the best thing possible, but you don't have to eat the worst thing either. If you're faced with a choice between bad and worse, take bad. Faced with good and great, choose great. With enough advanced planning, scheduling and preparation, you can ensure that you have "A" and "B" grade choices ninety-nine percent of the time. Here are several guidelines to help you make the best choices possible.

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