Fibrous carbohydrates green vegetables help you lose fat because they have a low calorie density

Eating fibrous carbohydrates for the health benefits is important, but fiber also plays a major role in a reducing body fat. The reason is because fibrous carbohydrates such as green vegetables don't contain many calories - they have a "low calorie density." Low calorie density foods are very important for fat loss because they make it easier to stay full without going over your calorie limits.

It's nearly impossible to over-eat green vegetables because the calories are so low. You would literally get tired of chewing before you ate too much. For example, two cups of rice contains more than 400 calories while two cups of cucumbers contains only 48 calories. The volume is the same, but the difference in caloric density is almost ten fold!

The starches are much more calorie-dense than the fibrous carbohydrates. Some fibrous vegetables are so low in calories that once the thermic effect is factored in, it could be said that such foods have "negative calories." This is the primary reason that a fat reducing nutrition program should be very high in vegetables.

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