FAQ 5 What if I stop lifting wont the muscle turn to fat

If you stop lifting, your muscles will shrink - partially or completely - back to their original size, but they will not turn into fat. Muscle can shrink (atrophy), but it can't change into fat because fat and muscle are two completely different types of tissue. If your muscles shrink from disuse and your body fat increases from eating too much, it can appear as if the muscles have "turned to fat."

Elite collegiate and professional athletes often practice, train and compete for hours every day, burning staggering amounts of calories. When their athletic career ends, their activity levels drop drastically. If they continue to eat the same amount of food they did while they were in heavy training, they instantly have a huge calorie surplus. The result is dramatic and rapid fat gain, which often leads unknowing observers to assume that the formerly muscular athlete "turned to fat" when they stopped working out.

The goal of the BFFM program is to help you develop a long-term perspective and new lifestyle habits, not to look at any changes you make as temporary. When you start the BFFM program, you're not making a commitment to exercise for 12 weeks or even 12 months, you're making the commitment for life. Don't EVER plan on stopping your weight training and you'll never have to worry about shrinking muscles and increasing body fat.

If your activity level ever does drop dramatically because of an injury or other reasons beyond your control, you must re-calculate your calories according to your new activity level and adjust your food intake.

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