Every physiological process in your body depends on water

Because there's so much attention placed today on complex issues such as protein and carbohydrate intake, essential fatty acids, macronutrient ratios and high-performance supplements, it's no wonder that something as simple as water could be so easily taken for granted. The importance of drinking plenty of water and keeping adequately hydrated cannot be emphasized enough.

Water is the most abundant nutrient in your body. Approximately 60-70% of your body is comprised of water. Your blood is made up of about 90% water. Your muscles are about 70% water. Even your bones are 20% water. Without adequate water, nothing in your body could function properly. Every physiological process in your body takes place in water or depends on water. Water is necessary to regulate your body's temperature, to transport nutrients, and to build tissues. Water is required for joint lubrication, digestion, circulation, respiration, absorption, and excretion. Without water, you would die in a matter of days. Sports nutritionist Dr. Michael Colgan says that water is quite simply, "the most important nutrient in the body."

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