Establish the emotional reasons why you want to achieve your goals

Everyone has days when they don't feel like working out or eating the right foods. The secret to staying motivated at times like these is not just having a goal, it's establishing the "reason why" you want that goal - it is the purpose behind the goal. The philosopher Nietzsche said, " If you have a strong enough why you can bear almost any how."

Determining the reason you want to achieve a goal adds emotion to it. The more emotion you stir up, the more motivated you'll be to go after it. In his Goal Achiever program, Bob Proctor says, "The moment you get emotionally involved with your goal, it instantly and automatically begins to move into physical form." This is true because your subconscious is the emotional part of your mind. Getting emotionally involved with your goal impresses it deeper into your subconscious and whatever idea is fixed in your subconscious will always express itself in physical form (behavior).

Remember, emotion is "feeling." When you think about the reasons you want your goal, you are "feeling" with emotion. What are your reasons? Sometimes people have something to prove. Getting in shape for a wedding or vacation is often an important reason for many people to get in shape. So is being attractive to the opposite sex. For others, their reason is fear of health consequences (their doctor tells them if they don't lose 50 pounds in the next six months, they will die of a heart attack!)

After you've set your goals in terms of a specific weight, body fat, etc, then continue to re-write an entire list of goals with as much emotional impact as possible. In particular, answer these two questions: (1) What's important to me about reaching my goal? (2) Why is that important?

Some additional questions you might ask yourself to add emotional impact to your goal list include: Who do you want to look like? Who is your physique role model? Do you want to look like a bodybuilder, an athlete, or a model? Do you want to impress anyone? Do you want to prove something? Do you want more energy so you can enjoy certain sports or activities more? Do you want to win a contest or award? Do you want more self-confidence? Do you want to look great in a certain type of clothes? Do you want to look good for a certain event (vacation, wedding, reunion, etc.)? Do you want to look great on the beach? Do you want to attract someone of the opposite sex? Answering these questions will help you uncover the driving force behind your goals.

The Power of Goals

The Power of Goals

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