Endomorph characteristics

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Naturally high levels of body fat (often overweight) Usually large boned, large joints, large frame (but not always) Short, tapering arms and legs

Smooth, round body contours (round or pear shaped body) Wide waist and hips Waist dominates over chest

Tendency to always store excess calories as fat (can't get away with overeating)

Keeping fat off after it is lost is a challenge

Tendency to be sluggish, slow moving and lacking energy

Slow thyroid or other hormone imbalance (sometimes)

Fairly good strength levels

Sensitive to carbohydrates (carbs are easily stored as fat)

Responds better to diets with higher protein and low (or moderate) carbs

Naturally slow metabolic rate/low set point (fewer calories burned at rest)

Falls asleep easily and sleeps deeply

A lot of cardio is necessary to lose weight and body fat

Extremely difficult to lose weight (requires great effort)

Bouts of fatigue and tiredness

Often describe themselves as having a "slow metabolism" Tendency to gain fat easily as soon as exercise is stopped Tendency to lose fat slowly, even on a "clean," low fat, low calorie diet. Often overweight, even though they don't eat very much Respond best to frequent, even daily, training

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