Choose natural foods

The best choice you can make is to eat foods the way they appear in nature. You should choose fresh foods over canned or frozen foods, and natural unrefined foods over more processed foods. For example, vegetables, potatoes, fruit, rice, and oatmeal are less processed and more nutrient dense than crackers, enriched bread, pretzels, or bagels. Remember the "acid-test" question for whether a food is natural or not: "Did this food come out of the ground or off the tree/plant this way?"

Turbo Metabolism

Turbo Metabolism

Forget Silly Diets-They Don't Work. Weight loss has got to be the most frustrating experience for many people, young and old alike. Eating foods that are just horrible, denying yourself foods you truly love and enjoy. Exercising, even though you absolutely hate exercising, and end up stiff as a board with no results.

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