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The goal of this program is very straightforward - to provide the facts about fat loss with honesty and integrity. There is no hidden agenda. I have worked in the health club industry my entire life encouraging people to take up exercise and good nutrition as a way of life. I have never been involved with the magazine, supplement or exercise equipment industry. I do not sell supplements nor have I ever been paid to endorse them. No matter how much money anyone offers me, you will never see me on a late-night infomercial hawking the latest exercise fad. There are no "back end" products to buy. There are no prepackaged foods to pitch. There are no creams, pills, powders, machines or any other gimmicks whatsoever.

My intent is to be a pillar of honesty, integrity and moral character. My website, Fitness Renaissance (www.fitren.com), has been billed as "The Honest Fitness Site," and I have shared this no-hype, no-gimmick, no-B.S., hard work-ethic philosophy with hundreds of thousands of visitors since 1999. To me, nothing is more important than integrity. I make my living from the health, fitness and nutrition business, but I will go broke and starve to death before I will ever "sell out" or compromise my principles.

A brief story will illustrate the level of my integrity: In 1999, the editor of a major bodybuilding and fitness magazine contacted me with a very tempting proposition. He had been reading my online articles and said they were very thoroughly researched and well written. He was so impressed that he wanted to hire me to write for his magazine. For my first assignment, he offered me $1000.00 to interview some of the top supplement "gurus" including the CEO of one of the largest nutrition companies in the world. I was then to write a two-page article about the latest developments with a popular, yet controversial supplement.

A thousand bucks sounded awfully good, but then he threw in the punch line: He told me that his magazine was "sponsored" by a large and well-known nutrition company. I'm sure you can guess what came next. If you guessed that I couldn't write anything bad about the supplement, and that I had to present it "in a positive light" then you guessed right! I turned it down. It went completely against my principles.

Magazines are generally considered one of the most credible sources for nutrition and fitness information. But that's not always the case. You can't believe everything you read. Many magazine publishers own supplement companies. By putting information about "new supplement breakthroughs" into editorial format, they appear much more believable. That's why magazines are the perfect tools for selling supplements and weight loss products. As a result, many magazines have turned into nothing more than thinly-disguised "supplement catalogs."

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