Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle is not a generic onesizefitsall program its individualized for your goals and your body type

Certain universal nutrition laws apply to everyone. Once you've established a solid foundation by mastering these nutrition fundamentals (also known as "baseline nutrition"), then you need to adjust your nutrition plan to fit your goals and your body type. This program was developed to identify and accommodate for the many differences in individual metabolisms and body chemistries.

What works perfectly for one person might be completely ineffective for the next. There are six billion people on this planet and no two are exactly alike. Each person has a metabolic rate, digestive capacity, hormonal profile, muscle fiber distribution and body structure as unique as their fingerprint. That's why a generic, one-size-fits-all diet or exercise plan is always going to fail. You must learn how to adjust your nutrition and training to fit your unique needs.

This program will teach you how to determine what body type you have and show you how to individualize your nutrition and training to do the very best you can with what Mother Nature gave you to work with.

Leaving A Legacy

Leaving A Legacy

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