Adjust your calories according to your weekly results

All caloric expenditure formulas are just estimations for giving you a starting point. The ONLY way to tell if your estimate is accurate is to get started and watch your results carefully. To see how your body responds to your initial calorie calculations, measure and record your results in terms of weight and body composition using the instructions in chapter three. If you don't get results you expect, you should adjust your caloric intake and exercise levels according to the instructions in chapter four, "charting your progress."

Workout Plans You Can Do Today

Workout Plans You Can Do Today

Workout Plans that You Can Start Right Here, Right Now. If you want to get in shape, tone up, trim down, or even just boost your fitness and stamina levels, well, youre at exactly the right place to start. But getting into a workout plan isnt the easiest thing in the world. If youve tried to exercise before and found that you things didnt work out for you, then youll undoubtedly already know that there are many ways in which things could go wrong.

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