A mental training technique that guarantees youll stick to your eating schedule and never want to miss a meal

Since you've already read the chapter on goal setting and the subconscious mind, you understand the power that thoughts repeated with emotion and faith have to program your behaviors. You're now going to put that information to a very practical use. You're about to learn a technique that will program your brain so deeply that you'll never want to miss a meal again.

What you're going to do is establish what I call an "eating trigger." The "trigger" is the moment you pass your designated meal time or a maximum of four hours since your last meal. Once this point passes, you're in the danger zone for losing muscle and setting off the starvation alarm. For example, if you've committed to 10:00 a.m. as the time for your second meal, then the minute the clock strikes 10:01 a.m. and you know you're late, this will be your cue or "trigger." At this point, you're going to have a short conversation with yourself. It will go something like this:

"I'm now beginning to go into starvation mode. Every minute that passes from this moment on is making my metabolism slower and slower. If I don't get my meal immediately, I'm going to set myself up to get fatter and fatter. I have to eat my lean proteins and complex carbs now."

"If I don't eat now, I am eating my own muscle for breakfast. I am cannibalizing all the lean tissue I worked so hard to build in the gym. If I don't eat now, all that hard work and sweat in the gym was totally wasted. If I miss this meal and I don't eat now, I did my last workout for nothing! There's no way I'm missing this meal. I must get my lean proteins and complex carbs now!"

If that doesn't make you want to eat your meals on time and never miss a meal, then nothing will! I have this conversation with myself every time I'm even one minute past my scheduled meal time and believe me - it works! The thought of all that cardio and lifting for nothing gives you some major LEVERAGE on yourself.

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