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I'd like to let you in on a little known secret for increasing your performance and improving your physique that is so painfully obvious it's almost embarrassing. Actually it's not really even a "secret." It would be more correct to say it's a "known but ignored fact." When I tell you what this secret is, you'll kick yourself for not realizing it sooner. This "secret" I'm talking about is drinking the correct amount of H2O every single day. Yep - plain old water! If you're even slightly dehydrated (and most people are walking around in a constant state of semi-dehydration), your results and performance will improve instantly.

I can hear you grumbling and cursing me already - "Venuto, that's no "secret" -everyone knows you're supposed to drink plenty of water!" That may be true. Everyone knows it, but what people know they should do and what they actually do are often two completely different things. Everyone has heard the maxim, "Drink at least 8 - 10 glasses of water a day." That's a good starting point, but most of the time they don't do it. Now that you have a clear-cut goal and you've made the commitment to become the best you can be, it's time to add another new daily habit to your list - the habit of drinking plenty of pure H20 every day.

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Weight Loss New Years Resolution Success

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