Ways in which the body resists infection

a) Unbroken skin forms a physical barrier.

b) Mucous membranes, mucus, hairs and cilia help to trap and filter microbes.

c) Saliva washes microbes from teeth and mouths.

d) Tears wash microbes from the eyes.

e) Urine washes microbes from the urethra.

f) Faeces remove microbes from the bowel.

g) The acidic pH of the skin limits growth of bacteria.

h) Sebum produces an oily film that protects the skin.

i) Gastric juices destroy bacteria in the stomach.

j) Various antibodies are produced by the body in response to infection.

k) Macrophages and granulocytes ingest and destroy micro-organisms by a process of phagocytosis.

The main groups of micro-organisms that may be found in your workplace are:


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