Treatment technique

Training massage should be given regularly as part of the training schedule. It may be a full body massage or it may concentrate on the upper or lower half of the body, depending on the areas of greater stress. A half body massage will take approximately half an hour. A full body massage of up to one hour may be given once a week, provided it is not within five days or so of an event. For a half body massage begin on the side that has received more stress, but be sure to treat the other side as well. The massage can vary according to the preference of the therapist and the needs of the athlete. The following is one example of a suitable routine:

Upper body

Prone ® arm ® back ® upper back and shoulder ® arm

Lower body

Supine ® thigh ® lower leg ® foot ® lower leg ® thigh

Prone thigh ® calf ® foot ® calf thigh buttocks back

Use the following manipulations:

^^ superficial stroking: this must be a light, sensitive exploratory movement from distal to proximal in order to introduce the massage and sense the condition of the tissues

effleurage: this must be light to moderate if the muscles are sore and tense, becoming deeper if the muscles relax; begin proximally shaking: along the muscle to aid relaxation Figure 11.4 Short, probing stroking.

kneading: if the muscle is soft enough short stroking: to explore and release tense areas. Begin proximally (e.g. just below the groin on the thigh), use the pads of the fingers to probe upwards deeply into the tissues, move down to the next area and repeat. Cover the thigh down to the knee in this way. Where areas of tightness and tension are felt, probe transversally back and forth

^^ muscle rolling: lift the muscle and push from side to side from thumbs to fingers and back rn m wringing double-handed pressure kneading (or thumb kneading on anterior tibials). If tightness or nodules are felt in the muscle, ease the pressure

^^ effleurage: work down to the foot and then back up with deeper pressure.

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