Treatment technique Preparation of the client

Surface of lamp parallel with the body part

Rays strike the body part at 90°

Surface of lamp parallel with the body part

Rays strike the body part at 90°

the body part at 90°

Figure 10.7 Positioning of the lamp.

6 Carry out a sensitivity test using two test tubes, one filled with hot water and the other filled with cold water. Instruct the client to close her/his eyes. Carry out the test all over the area to be irradiated. Touch the client with either the hot test tube or the cold test tube at random over the area. Ask her/him if s/he feels hot or cold. (If the client cannot tell the difference between the hot and the cold, s/he has defective sensation, and the treatment should not be carried out.)

7 Cover the areas not receiving treatment.

8 Warn the client that warmth should be comfortable and to call if the heat becomes too intense.

9 Warn the client not to touch the lamp or move too close to it.


1 Check the plug, leads and reflector.

2 Switch the lamp on directed at the floor.

a) IR takes 10-15 minutes to reach maximum output.

b) Radiant heat (visible) takes around 2 minutes.

3 When maximum intensity is reached, position the lamp ensuring stability. (If the lamp has three feet, place the head of the lamp over one of the feet, ensuring that the angle joints are secure.)

4 Make sure that the face of the lamp is parallel with the part so that the rays strike the part at 90° for maximum penetration, absorption and effect. Do not place the lamp directly above the client. (This also applies if infra-red rays are being used as a preheating treatment.)

5 Select an appropriate distance between 45-90 cm. The selected distance depends on two factors:

a) the intensity of the lamp b) the client's tolerance (60cm) is a good average.

6 Ensure that the rays are not irradiating the client's face. (The lamp should not be irradiating the eyes or the face of the client nor the therapist.) If using infra-red rays for facial work, the client's eyes must be closed and covered with cotton wool.

7 Observe the client throughout the treatment.

8 Treatment time is 15-20 minutes, until the desired effect is obtained.

9 The treatment may be followed by massage.

(Do not use infra-red before going on a sunbed as the reaction to UVL will be intensified. Infra-red may be used after over-exposure to UVL to reduce the reaction. The client should not rise suddenly after infra-red treatment, as the blood pressure is lowered and the client may feel faint.)


1 Ensure a safe but effective distance from the part.

2 Never place the lamp directly over the client. If it falls or the bulb breaks, it would cause burns to the client.

3 Position the lamp so that the surface of the lamp is parallel to the part and the rays strike the part at 90° for maximum penetration, absorption and effect. This applies whenever the lamp is used.

4 Avoid the face and eyes.

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