Transverse frictions technique

These are backward and forward transverse movements performed across ligaments or joints. ^^ The stance is stride standing or walk standing. ^^ Select the area requiring frictions. ^^ Use the thumb or fingers as before.

^^ Take care not to hyper-extend the joints, particularly those of the thumb - this is so easily done when pressure is applied.

For transverse frictions, the pressure is selected at the commencement and is maintained throughout the movements - it does not get deeper.

Place the thumb or fingers at right angles to the part, e.g. the ligament or muscle fibres, and move transversely across it, forwards and backwards six to eight times. Release and repeat.

Take care not to cause unnecessary pain by selecting too deep a pressure.

Effleurage or stroke the area frequently.

Figure 5.11

Transverse frictions to the extensor tendon.

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Health and Fitness 101

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